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Residential Education

We provide an education programme that is stimulating and creative and which meets the needs of our children and young people.

Children and young people are supported by education and care staff to participate in all aspects of the school day. The curriculum is delivered through creative teaching and experiential learning activities covering all eight areas of the Curriculum for Excellence. It is further enhanced by abundant outdoor learning opportunities on the school estate and within the community.

The school buildings are purpose built, with flexible spaces to allow for small group and individual learning. There are specialist facilities for PE, art, and food technology, with vocational training opportunities in the learning hub. Additionally, there is a multi-media library, play room and an abundance of outdoor learning spaces such as the allotment, the “venchie” (our adventure playground) and the pond.

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Our Approach

Children and young people have their own learning plan that they contribute to, allowing targets and milestones to be visible and measured. Teachers can access particular support and advice from our Psychotherapist, and this ensures that relevant and timely specialist support is put into place.

The voice of children and young people is further encouraged and valued in Harmeny through the School Council. This is an important aspect of school life as it encourages leadership skills and confidence as effective contributors.

Harmeny ensures that children and young people recognise their own strengths and successes.  The Friday Meeting is a Harmeny community event that provides the opportunity to acknowledge and share successes be it academic progress, a personal achievement or a special moment that has been experienced.

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