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Day Education

In addition to our residential service, Harmeny School offers day placements. The Day service aims to support children who have found mainstream educational placements difficult to sustain and who may have experienced placement breakdowns including Additional Support for Learning (ASL) education placements.

Day placements focus on creating the correct environment to support and encourage children to re-engage within Curriculum for Excellence through a range of varied learning experiences.

We recognise that working with the child is only part of the solution; working in partnership with families is a vital component of our work. Through building positive relationships, alongside strengths-based and solution focused approaches, we also strive to support families to recognise their strengths to help create a positive way forward together.

The Day Service team aims to work from a child centred approach, working in partnership with parents/carers and professionals to maximise opportunities for each child.  Day placements offer:

  • Small class groups (max 6) and high level support from adults
  • Varied learning experiences to help children to access education and learning in a positive way
  • Experience successes and achievements throughout all areas of their development
  • Tools to help children build resilience
  • Relational and nurturing care to help children develop positive and trusting relationships with adults and peers
  • To help children experience a sense of security within their family base and educational setting

Children and young people who attend Harmeny on a day basis are fully included in classes and all aspects of school life. Wemyss cottage provides a safe and caring environment where they are welcomed by their staff team each morning. Wemyss staff support the children and young people to transition to class and participate in all aspects of the school day. Wemyss is also where the children and young people have lunch, and at the end of the day prepare for their transport home.

The Wemyss staff team form strong relationships with the children and young people and also their families so that they can provide close support and respond effectively to any issues that arise.

Harmeny works in partnership with local authorities and health services such as CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services) contributing to a team around the child or young person, and providing the support they need when they need it.

Parents and carers are actively encouraged and enabled to attend meetings to review the progress of their child or young person. They are also invited and welcomed to participate in school events such as sports day, the summer BBQ and Christmas show.

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